This course will focus on developing skills in video production, editing, broadcast journalism, and audio production. Students will produce the COOPER NOW news program and create various video projects. Students will be needed to film and attend some extra-curricular activities.

Reminder to students and teachers:  You can see many of our videos on our SchoolTube Channel:  View our videos on the internet

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On-line Resources for Film & Digital Media Production

School Tube Resources

Guide to Art Education and Careers

Video Production Tips

Videography: Do's and Don'ts

Inexpensive Lighting Solutions

Film Script Teminology

TV Production Modules
 - Make sure you complete the following module, and take the accompanying quiz:

1.       Production Overview

2.       Camera Operation & Control

3.       Composition, Graphics, Set

4.       Lighting for Video

5.       Audio

6.       Producing & Directing

7.       Legal & Ethical Issues

8.       Careers

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